Voice Call

Voice Call Service

With a wide spectrum of languages and dialects in our country, it is always a tough task to spread a personalized message for people of all walks of life. Thanks to voice call service, highly customizable pre-recorded messages can be selectively send to the targeted audience. It is definitely a boon for event announcements, reminders for bill payments and appointments, product promotions, lead generations, political campaign promotions and literally for everything. With highly customizable features pertaining to filtration of contacts lists, text to voice conversions, call scheduling, and message contents, our flawless service quality and technical back-ups are second to none.

SMS Marathwada

Voice Call Features

SMS Marathwada is the providers of Voice Call with excellent quality & relible service. Some of the features are listed below.

  • Credits deducted on only answered calls.
  • Promotional Voice Calls Delivered to Non DND numbers .
  • Same Pricing for land line and mobile phone calling.
  • 9am to 9pm Delivery.
  • DND Numbers Filtered.
  • Marketing tool.
  • 28 seconds voice recording
  • 28 seconds voice recording in .wav or MP3 format needs to be provided by the client.

Voice Calls Service provider in Aurangabad & Marathwada Region

SMS Marathwada is bulk Voice Call Service provider which ensures maximum successful call delivery within minimum time. Run your Voice Call Campaign and find good marketing leads.