Political Parties

Benefits of Bulk SMS for Political parties :

  1. Send custom-made SMS in Indian languages to voters/public.
  2. Get regular updates from Candidates via SMS/Voice Calls.
  3. It helps in saving maximum time, as it reaches faster than door-to-door operation.
  4. It give up-to-date information to the public about all your meetings, rallies and protests.
  5. Sending key information by political parties to their party members.
  6. Engage people by sending election result, conventions, future plans, changes etc.
  7. Response rates of SMS are relatively higher than any other communication modes.
  8. To communicate with your party members to organize work more efficiently.
  9. Send SMS reminders about important dates, events, list of names, etc.
  10. Send reminder messages about the cutoff dates for voter registration and link to registration forms
  11. Adopt automated SMS services to send confirmations to people's messages
  12. Send SMS invitations to people to invite them to your general or open assemblies, speeches, or other political events.