IVR Service

IVR Service

It is not cup of tea for even a large organization to handle all the calls manually. As most of the calls do not require the service of human intervention, it makes perfect sense to install automated IVR services and achieve enhanced productivity and enriched user satisfaction. Moreover, with the implementation of IVR services, your customer relation desk works tirelessly 24X7. Yes, it is even possible to completely customize your IVR with do it yourself drag and drop application. And here is the killer of ultimate comfy... With language selection menus, people of any geographic domain can be easily served.

SMS Marathwada

IVR Service Features

SMS Marathwada is the providers of IVR / Virtual Receptionist Service with excellent quality & relible service. Some of the features are listed below.

  • Sound: Play a sound during call
  • Response: Respond the call at the first ring
  • Multilingual and personalized greetings: Provides personalized greetings in multiple laguage.
  • Record: Record user voice during the call
  • TTS: To do text to speech and play the output sound
  • Excel: To read/write IVR data into an uploaded excel sheet
  • DTMF: To take input from phone keypad
  • Call Transfer: To transfer the call to another number
  • Web: To do a web api call. Used for web lookup or posting data on a remote server
  • Conference: To start a conference with another number
  • Support: Allow you to automate client support

IVR Service provider in Aurangabad & Marathwada Region

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Service can be used in every domain of business; we have short listed few category of business below:

E-Commerce & Shopping website, Educational Institutions ,Educational Consultancies, Advertisement Companies, Banking & Financial Sector, Travel & Tourism, Clubs & Societies, Service Provider sector, Real Estate, Media & Entertainment Sector, Automobile Industry, Marketing Companies, Stock Market Companies, Job Consultancies, IT & ITES Service Companies, MLM Companies, Transport & Logistics Sector, Political Parties, Jewellery Shops, Airlines.