Health Care and Beauty

Benefits of Bulk Whatsapp service services for Gym:

  1. Sending Promotional offers and special discount in large quantity to the customers.
  2. Send greetings and wishes on birthdays or festivals.
  3. Retaining customer with customer loyalty programs.
  4. Getting customer feedback and reviews regularly.
  5. Sending invitation for an event or activity to the customer.
  6. Due payment information and even sending payment receipts to the customers.
  7. Send health related tips or articles link to the customer.

Benefits of Bulk Whatsapp service Marketing to Pathology Labs:

  1. Send confirmation about booked appointments with details.
  2. Send upcoming offers and discount through Bulk SMS services.
  3. Reminding timely health checkups.
  4. Providing special offers to the loyal customers.
  5. Send information about events, activities which are conducted.
  6. Maintain customer feedback through providing a link in SMS.
  7. Offering membership to the customers and getting regular follow ups.
  8. Informing about extended services and branches through Bulk SMS services.
  9. Sending information about the payment within few seconds.
  10. Sending SMS's about the status of the report and whether it's ready or not.

Benefits of Bulk Whatsapp service Marketing For Beauty Parlors:

  1. Send beauty tips and advice.
  2. Send out the details of your latest promotion.
  3. Send VIP offers to special customers (Increase their loyalty).
  4. Remind people of their appointments.
  5. Notify and inform customers about new products, services available.
  6. Send price lists via text message.
  7. Send targeted messages to clients.
  8. Get instant feedback from clients.
  9. Send appointment confirmation message to clients.

Benefits of Bulk Whatsapp service to Ayurvedic Therapy centers:

  1. Send SMS's about ayurvedic therapies and its benefits with links through SMS.
  2. Promote offers and special discounts through SMS channels.
  3. Book appointments and generate leads with Bulk SMS.
  4. Send Custom offers and discount coupons to the loyal customers.
  5. Maintain customer feedback and reviews.
  6. Avail transparency with sending bill details via SMS.
  7. Send information about new addition in services.
  8. Inviting for the upcoming events or activities conducted at the center.
  9. Send time to time reminders to the customers for therapies.
  10. Retain customers through use of bulk SMS as mode of communication.

Benefits of Bulk Whatsapp service Marketing For Yoga Centers:

  1. Send mental and health benefits of yoga with related article's link though SMS.
  2. Send personalized Offers to the customers.
  3. Send details about new batches and its timings.
  4. Let customers know about emergency holiday or changes in batch timing quickly with SMS.
  5. Send Festive and Birthday wishes to the customers.
  6. Reminder of the fees due and payment receipt to the customer through SMS.