Real Estate

Benefits of Bulk SMS service for Builders and Developers (Real Estate) :

  1. Send personalized reminders to customers about rent of house.
  2. Send reminders about maintenance dues .
  3. Send the promotional messages about new location of investments, flats, plots etc.
  4. At the time of festival tell Offers about discount on flats, plots etc.
  5. Connects with the Clients by sending frequent property update.
  6. Send present status of property update and Real Estate cost.
  7. Mention your short codes and real estate sign for easy reach ability.
  8. Set automatic response by using keywords to connect with the customer.
  9. SMS marketing tracks the information about customer requirements
  10. Reach the clients with this inexpensive method.
  11. SMS marketing is cheap as compared to newspaper commercial, TV Ads and other social media marketing techniques.
  12. SMS marketing offers high response rate .
  13. Reminders about client meetings or interaction session.