Benefits of Bulk SMS for Marketing and Advertising Agencies:

  1. Reach more people. Instant SMS and announcements of offers, discounts, new services or special promotions is simple with SMS marketing.
  2. Higher response rates than with any other marketing method.
  3. You can increase customer's engagement.
  4. Run SMS campaigns on behalf of your clients.
  5. Create a strong call to action for fast and best results.
  6. Achieve higher rates for click-through.
  7. Set up automated text messaging for clients.
  8. Response data helps you to track, monitor and improve.
  9. Help your clients build a larger customer base with Bulk SMS marketing.

Benefits of Bulk SMS for Media and Entertainment sector :

  1. Bulk SMS is the best way to attract viewers by sending them out information and news related to Media and Entertainment Industry
  2. Promote latest events, movies, Breaking news to all subscribers using our SMS Service.
  3. Promote about latest events and cultural activities.
  4. Send breaking news to your subscribers.
  5. Send information about ticket bookings of any events, movies and fashion show.
  6. Alerts if any change in schedule of event and programs.
  7. Invite customers for subscribing for health tips, event news, sports news and breaking news.
  8. Send monthly/ daily/ and weekly alerts to the subscribers.
  9. Promote of a new song or a movie.
  10. Want to announce of movie release date.
  11. Information on latest premier shows.
  12. Launch of new TV Channel.
  13. Launch of new music video or anything else.
  14. Online booking of seats.
  15. Send SMS to new and existing customers.
  16. Advertise for industrial event.
  17. Send gift offers, discount offers, seasonal offers, festival offers time to time for better output.
  18. Send good wishes, daily inspiring quotes to your regular customers.

Benefits of Bulk SMS for Job Portals:

  1. Inform them about Interview confirmation (with venue, date and time) via SMS.
  2. To send automated SMS alerts, integrate SMS services with company's website.
  3. Send Job openings via SMS as per candidate's profile.
  4. Broadcast Testimonials of successful candidates via SMS to all registered users.
  5. Integrate SMS services with your website to send automated SMS alerts.
  6. Send Interview Tips & CV writing Tips as a value added service to registered
  7. Collect feedback from all the aspirants through SMS.
  8. Inform Job-Seekers of an Application Status
  9. Send Reminders for Scheduled Interviews.
  10. Foster Better Relationships With Candidates and Staff.
  11. Attract Talent.

Benefits of Bulk SMS for Educational Consultants :

  1. Inform Aspiring candidates about various overseas education opportunities.
  2. Integrate SMS services with your website to send automated SMS alerts.
  3. Updating aspiring students on VISA procedure or status.
  4. Providing Tips regarding education loan, scholarships, travel arrangements, etc.
  5. Broadcasting testimonials/success stories of the successful candidates.