Benefits of Bulk SMS services for Travel and Tourism :

  1. Know the current status of your booking
  2. Any changes made in the travelers booking is notified.
  3. Delays or cancellation in any cases also can be informed.
  4. Promotional offers, upcoming or ongoing discounts .
  5. Sending SMS about climate, Weather reports.
  6. Best times to visit to tourist places keeps the travelers interested.
  7. Offers according to customer loyalty, occasion, Birthday or Anniversary can be created and posted through SMS.
  8. Bulk SMS helps to retain customers with offers and discounts .
  9. Customer feedback.

Benefits of bulk SMS Marketing to Airline Companies:

  1. Send promotional offers and discounts to the customers with Bulk messaging services.
  2. Airline ticket confirmation, updates or it's cancellation, greetings for journey, these all messages can be send through Bulk SMS.
  3. With the help of Bulk SMS, it improve own services and always connected with own customers at minimum cost.
  4. Get customer feedback and review through Bulk SMS and keep customer satisfied.
  5. Remind Customers about upcoming journey and ticket details .
  6. Bulk SMS services are cheapest and reliable medium of Marketing for Airline companies.

Benefits of Bulk SMS service for Transportation :

  1. Send real time alerts for customers convenience
  2. Inform about delayed flights
  3. Bus cancellation because of strike
  4. Communicate with passenger after online booking
  5. Send OTP for security to the customers registered number
  6. SMS to the passenger about change in time of train
  7. Attract and retain clients
  8. Send irresistible promotional deals
  9. Send enticing holiday brochures to the customers
  10. Lean season deals and booking URL's through SMS
  11. Remind customers about their booking
  12. Promote your mobile app of booking through SMS
  13. Promote new trip plans