Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing to Manufacturing industries:

  1. Send SMS about new launches to create awareness about the latest products.
  2. Inform about the problem occurred in particular batch of production to maintain trust.
  3. Send discount coupon codes to the customers with Bulk messaging.
  4. Get customer interested in your other products through SMS Marketing.
  5. Keep customer updated of his order's status.
  6. Send billing invoices to the customer through SMS channel quickly.
  7. Send "Limited Edition Sale" notification to people via Bulk messaging.
  8. Upcoming product notification and its details can be sent with Bulk SMS.

Benefits of Bulk SMS service to Banking and Financial companies:

  1. Bulk messaging reduces workload and also minimizes human errors.
  2. Tracking account information with messages at any time.
  3. Innovative Banking and financial services can be provided with Bulk Messaging.
  4. Notify customers of possible bank login, fraud, or account verification problems with the bulk texting feature. This solution is faster than calling clients manually.
  5. A friendly thank you message or follow-up after an agreement will help you improve customer relations.
  6. Use of SMS templates makes it easier to compose an easy to read SMS.
  7. Balance information, promotional messages and Debit or Credit updates are easily sent within flash of second to the customer.

Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing for Agro Industries :

  1. Send updates about weather forecast and anticipated rainfall time.
  2. It enables farmers to know the transportation cost to be occurred, Transportation route, and the time required for transportation.
  3. Send messages about fluctuating prizes of the crops to protect farmers from loss.
  4. Provide harvesting alerts to the Farmers, so that they can protect their crops.
  5. Drought alerts can be send to the farmers.
  6. Awareness about the quality of pesticides and fertilizers can be created to protect environment from contamination.
  7. Send information about demand of the crops in the market, so that Farmers can decide what to cultivate.

Benefits of Bulk SMS to MLM Industries:

  1. Bulk SMS services provides Mass campaigning, advertisement and promotional activities to MLM industries.
  2. Start effective strategy with Bulk SMS and get effective results instantly in MLM industries.
  3. Bulk SMS provides some special packages like Transnational SMS, Promotional SMS, Voice SMS, Mobile data base etc.
  4. It is very helpful for MLM companies because it is fast, precise and affordable.
  5. Company can send messages from excel spread sheet containing all consumer mobile number.
  6. MLM companies provide excellent services regularly by using Bulk SMS.

Benefits of Bulk SMS service for Automobile :

  1. Details about their new launches.
  2. Attractive offers that are lined up in the store.
  3. Reminders about the vehicle service, test drive dates.
  4. Coupons , discounts and offers during festive periods.
  5. Feedback survey for the development of the company.
  6. Branding and promotional services regularly.
  7. A daily workshop process report to the auto dealers.
  8. Easy access to queries/complaints.
  9. Reminders on payment due, service due, insurance due etc.
  10. Covers a large number of people at short period of time.
  11. Cost effective and an efficient communication channel to the customers.
  12. SMS alerts sent to customers to collect their vehicle on service completion.
  13. SMS alert about warranty expiration, special service camps , events etc.
  14. Send birthday wishes, purchase anniversary and greetings to customers on festive seasons.
  15. Dropping the messages in most efficient way that the customers will never neglect to examine.
  16. Handling a new technique for marketing .