Benefits of Bulk Whatsapp service services for Hospitals:

  1. Send the requirements for blood donors, organ replacement via SMS
  2. Send appointments confirmation
  3. Updating the patients about health awareness.
  4. Updating about patients progress in providing the health services.
  5. Keep in touch with their patients
  6. Transnational SMS is used to announce the holidays for staff
  7. Keeping track of the appointments
  8. Cancellation of appointments
  9. If necessary thereby letting patients offer the slot to another patient.
  10. You can also send SMS doctors surgeries, SMS pharmacy and

SMS hospitals messages for:

  1. Test/appointment memos.
  2. Check-up memos (e.g. dental appointments).
  3. Vaccination memos.

Benefits of Bulk Whatsapp service for Restaurant

  1. keep customers informed on ETA's on food deliveries with as well as on table openings and availability.
  2. Reward customers with special offers
  3. Remind Customers of their Reservations
  4. Use SMS Surveys to Gain Customer Feedback
  5. coordinate staff rosters with a simple text message.
  6. Use SMS for Competitions
  7. Use an SMS Loyalty Program
  8. Allow Customer to Text in to Make a Booking
  9. Inform customers about restaurant mobile phone app
  10. Inform customers about restaurant website and services