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We firmly believe that targeted and relevant bulk sms messaging is the most successful marketing tool for your business. By sending bulk sms messages to customers who have opted in to receive your messages, you will be guaranteed a higher response and greater return on your investment. But Mobile Marketers who wish to send Transactional SMS and Promotional SMS should meet specified standards in order to conduct bulk SMS marketing.

Transactional SMS : Specific Industrial categories needs to submit various proofs such as Registration certificate, opt-in proof and specific documents which will be informed by our representatives at the time of registration. Mobile marketers shall submit the same to our support team to get their account approved and then conduct bulk SMS marketing. Though this route accept to send SMS to DND registered customers, mobile marketers should consist opt-in proof or permission from the recipient. If it is sent without the same, then the penalty will be levied as per TRAI rules and regulations.

Promotional SMS : Standard rule for promotional SMS route is to not to send bulk SMS to any DND registered customers and the same would be filtered on our site. Mobile marketers of this route should accept the terms and conditions of our site to get their account approved.

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