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We at SMS Marathwada provide reliable HTTP SMS API. You can send SMS from your Software, Website and Mobile apps using our HTTP API.

Single Message

Multiple Messages,919898xxxxxx&sid=SenderId&msg=test%20message&fl=0

Single Message

Multiple Messages,919898xxxxxx&sid=SenderId&msg=test%20message&fl=0&gwid=2

Note: Add one additional parameter gwid=2 in existing API as per example given below.

user: Your login username.
password: Your login password.
msisdn: Single mobile number or multiple mobile numbers separated by comma(10 digits or +91)
sid: Approved sender id(Only 6 characters).
msg: Your message content(Minimum 459 characters/3 messages).
fl: if flash message then 1 or else 0
gwid: 2 (its for Transactions route.)
Note: Only 100 mobile numbers are allowed.

Message Response :

Single Message

{"ErrorCode":"000","ErrorMessage":"Success","JobId":"381a8090-b230-42fa-ac04-157cc2142bfa","MessageData":[{"MobileNumber":"919898xxxxxx ","MessageParts":[{"MessageId": "919898xxxxxx-67e3765cdf034f438a432eacb88d0c14","MessagePartId":1,"MessageText":"test message"}]}]}

Multiple Messages

{"ErrorCode":"000","ErrorMessage":"Success","JobId":"733956ef-f6ab-46fc-81cc-bd3be775c1b7","MessageData":[{"MobileNumber":"919898xxxxxx","MessageParts":[{"MessageId":"919898xxxxxx-3af24da377d645b9ab78c0e3ac176e32","MessagePartId":1,"MessageText":"test message"}]},{"MobileNumber":"919898xxxxxx ","MessageParts":[{"MessageId":"919898xxxxxx -f01df98db3ba4b39a8b0254277689939","MessagePartId":1,"MessageText":"test message"}]}]} 20:30:00 PM

DateTime formate will be
2014/10/06 20:30:00 PM
yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss PM

groupid = your group Idपरीक्षण संदेश &fl=0&dc=8

Response: #DELIVRD

Response: Success#Promotional:0|Transactoinal:95

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